Consumer Decision Journey in the Digital Age

Consumer Decision Journey

The consumer decision journey no longer follows the linear model in the digital era. Enterprises are in the process of creating awe moments for consumers through multiple touch points. Customer retention is one of the arduous challenges facing enterprises in the digital age when small firms are disrupting the consumer buying decision journey. These slides explores the possible interventions in the consumer decision journey, explains the shift the consumer-enterprise interaction behavior, highlights the new model of consumer decision journey and provides recommendations to enterprises on how to capture the top of the mind share of the connected consumers.

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About Alok Ranjan
Alok Ranjan is a marketing specialist and management consultant based in Mumbai, India. He believes, brands are caught in a maze of technology and economic dynamics, caused by disruptive forces, which are changing the way consumers interact with brands. Alok advises brands to shape consumer centric strategy and assists to develop a roadmap for businesses.

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